First Response Finance

This one has mixed reviews and a few of my friends have very different opinions about their experience with them. Some are happy with the fast service and the efficiency, others are mad because of the rates and some are not too sold on whether to go for them or not. Nothing against First Response Finance but really, to have an edge in the car loan industry, you really need to consistent with your service. I am guessing that they are still trying to polish their processes and hopefully they do get better sometime soon. Sure you cannot please everybody but you also cannot piss off everyone. I guess we could peg this car loan provider at average.

One thing they are good at though is bad credit car loans. With that, they can help you find a car loan. Don’t fool yourself though; you should be prepared for higher interest rates if your credit is less than perfect. They also specialize in used cars for sale and do have a pretty good range of car selections there.

Car Finance 4U Ltd

Another great car loan provider is Car Finance 4U. They also accept bad credit car loan applicants and you’d find a big chance of getting approved. They have car-financing experts looking for the best car financing for you. Do a quick search about this car loan provider and you will see many reviews. They are efficient, friendly and very helpful.  What sets them apart is the way they take care of the smallest details and let you know about what you actually need to know without any hard selling. They find great options for you and you can get guidance from them as to which deal could suit your budget the best way. The application process is fast and they waste no time at all. Upon application, you get a decision with an hour as to whether you are approved or not. They don’t give you a general rate instead they make sure everything is suitable for what you are looking for. Once you are have chosen the car after being approved, they process everything else and put everything together so you could get your car and enjoy driving it immediately. Car Finance 4U is great but they could do better with finding lower rates. Aside from that, everything else is impeccable. 


Now here’s another good one. Great even. I would not try to exaggerate but I just want to give high recommendation for this car loan provider. The process is quick and easy and they do almost everything for you. You can apply online or give them a call and they will be glad to assist you from start to finish. I know because I have experienced it with them and I also have a few other friends who used the same car loan provider. PeoplesCarLoans has a pretty wide range of options. You’ll find all sorts of car financing deals with them and pretty much a wide range of interest rates as well. The thing I liked the most is how fast the turn around time is and I drove away with my new car 3 days after I applied. It’s really hassle free because they do try to do everything for you. I recommended them to a couple of friends and they all had the same experience. I’m glad to see that I did not make a mistake there and that they are not a one off good deal. This reliable car loan provider is for me the best.

This car loan company also gives chances to those with not so good credit. Whatever financial circumstance you have, they can find a suitable car loan without the pressure. They don’t charge you administration or application fees so you don’t really need to feel pressured at all.

Clydesdale Bank Personal Loans

Like it is always mentioned, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not so anyone could go on and on about the benefit of the doubt here but there’s just one too many complaints for this one. I talked to a friend who was offered 5.1% APR on his car loan and he was left believing that that is the actual rate he is getting. You could imagine how happy he is because that is a pretty low rate; lowest of the low you could even say. Unfortunately, at the time everything else was ready, he learned that he was going to get 12.8%. Ridiculous I’d say. Of course we understand that the interest rate depends on your credit rating as well but at least you know what to expect with other car loan companies. People will really do everything just to get some attention but unfortunately for Clydesdale Bank, not many are happy with their service.

Unfortunately there are still some car loan providers that seem to not catch up with what consumers actually need. Of course low rates are one of them but you can never discount the fact that great customer service goes a very long way. If a credit provider works in a suspicious way, it’s always best to stay away from them. There have been countless of bad deals getting worse and you would not want to be one of them for sure. I always tell my friends that if they are feeling something off with the credit provider, just go somewhere else.

Concept Car Credit

For some time now, Concept Car Credit has been creating its own good reputation with outstanding customer service. This Manchester based car dealer is much appreciated because the staff people are friendly, courteous and always ready to help. Like other sites, you can apply online or give them a call to ask what rates you could get. There’s a selection of cars from their website so you can go straight to choosing the car you like. If you don’t find one though, you are probably better off looking for another car loan provider elsewhere. The good this is if you’re buying a used car, you can have the peace of mind that Concept Car Credit has already performed the necessary checking on the vehicle before they even sold it to you. Concept Car Credit is actually like a car dealership of used cars where you can sort of get in-house financing for your car loan. There are quite a great number of satisfied customers so I’d say they are one of the good ones.

If you are opting for a used car to buy, Concept Car Credit is a good choice for a car loan provider. As long as you find the right car from their showroom, you are going to love dealing with them.

Infinity Finance

Another car loan provider that promises low rates, better approval chances for any kind of credit, flexible terms and great assistance is Infinity Finance. We all want to find the right deal and having so many choices could lead to more confusion but I dare say that this car loan provider easily takes away the confusion with their great service and flexibility.

Infinity Finance is prompt and friendly. Their service is great and you also get a lot of options. You can even get a free HPI check and they require no deposit. Whatever financial situation you have, you are welcome to apply and they will match you with the most appropriate car loan deal they have. You apply online with them and once you are approved, you can go car shopping knowing how much they have approved you for. Once you pick a deal, they send over the paperwork to the dealership and take care of the whole business so you can drive away with your new car as fast as possible. It’s easy and straightforward. They call you back whenever they promise to do so to keep you updated about what’s going on with your car loan application.

Buying a car is a big deal and you would want to feel that you are being taken cared of by your car loan provider. Infinity Finance extends that courtesy to take care of you every step of the way. They are easy to approach and you can ask them everything over and over again and expect the same polite response all through out.


Cars are expensive. It’s not an expense you play around with especially since it is going to be the 2nd most expensive purchase you will ever have after a house. You surely want to find the best car finance and it pays a lot to patiently do all that research to compare and contrast which car to buy, which car loan provider to go with and where to get the lowest rates possible.

Fast processing, simple and stress free car loans are available at CarLoan4U. They are probably one of the best car loan companies around and they have really good customer service. Their customer service is consistently impeccable from start to finish unlike some loan companies that once they get you to sign the agreement, all those smiles and courteousness go away. CarLoan4U processing time is also fast and my friend actually drove away with his brand new car 4 days from the day he started the application. They have a very wide range of car loans available and they are also willing to explain everything to you, which is really great because you’re buying a car here, not a shirt, right?

Overall, CarLoan4U receives great recommendation and outstanding reviews from its clients so I’d say it is really one of the best in the UK.

CarLoan4U also has bad credit car loans so even if you are having problems with your finances, you can still find a suitable car financing deal with their help.

Car Loan Company Reviews

Hey all! This is Paul and I want to talk about car loan companies in this blog. Car loans are essential to those of us in the UK who cannot afford to buy a car with cash up front. This is probably one of the most important decisions we have in life as it entails a long-term commitment to have a car financing agreement with a credit company.

We notice so many offers online that instead of finding the right loan the easy way, we tend to get more confused. Thanks to some comparison sites, comparing car loans got easier and faster but are you really getting everything you need to know? I will be glad to discuss some of the car loan companies I’ve had business with or know someone who had business with.