Clydesdale Bank Personal Loans

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Like it is always mentioned, if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not so anyone could go on and on about the benefit of the doubt here but there’s just one too many complaints for this one. I talked to a friend who was offered 5.1% APR on his car loan and he was left believing that that is the actual rate he is getting. You could imagine how happy he is because that is a pretty low rate; lowest of the low you could even say. Unfortunately, at the time everything else was ready, he learned that he was going to get 12.8%. Ridiculous I’d say. Of course we understand that the interest rate depends on your credit rating as well but at least you know what to expect with other car loan companies. People will really do everything just to get some attention but unfortunately for Clydesdale Bank, not many are happy with their service.

Unfortunately there are still some car loan providers that seem to not catch up with what consumers actually need. Of course low rates are one of them but you can never discount the fact that great customer service goes a very long way. If a credit provider works in a suspicious way, it’s always best to stay away from them. There have been countless of bad deals getting worse and you would not want to be one of them for sure. I always tell my friends that if they are feeling something off with the credit provider, just go somewhere else.

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