First Response Finance

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This one has mixed reviews and a few of my friends have very different opinions about their experience with them. Some are happy with the fast service and the efficiency, others are mad because of the rates and some are not too sold on whether to go for them or not. Nothing against First Response Finance but really, to have an edge in the car loan industry, you really need to consistent with your service. I am guessing that they are still trying to polish their processes and hopefully they do get better sometime soon. Sure you cannot please everybody but you also cannot piss off everyone. I guess we could peg this car loan provider at average.

One thing they are good at though is bad credit car loans. With that, they can help you find a car loan. Don’t fool yourself though; you should be prepared for higher interest rates if your credit is less than perfect. They also specialize in used cars for sale and do have a pretty good range of car selections there.

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